*Limited Time* 50% OFF Six Sisters’ Weekly Menu Plan, Only $1.50/month! (Instead of $3/month)

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UPDATE: This is now HALF OFF when you use the code NOV50 at checkout! I am not sure how long this will last, but I will find out and update. 

For less than the cost of going out to dinner with your family, you can get a WHOLE YEAR of menu plans from the Six Sisters. I am seriously blown away by the convenience and variety of these meal plans. Are you always wondering what to make for dinner? Wonder no more!

With these meal plans, you will get every dinner meal planned for only $36 per year $18 per year! That comes out to only $1.50/month. If you'd rather, you can pay $5 monthly $2.50 monthly if you don't want the year plan. But you'll end up paying $60 a year vs. $36 $30 a year vs. $18. Save yourself $14 by going with the year plan!

Gluten free? No problem, they also have a gluten free meal option for the same price. How stinkin' cool is that?


And if that's not enough awesomeness, you will also get a detailed shopping list of what to buy each week. So before you go shopping, just check off what you have already on hand, and buy what you don't. To see if certain ingredients are on sale at the store, just be sure to check my weekly Smith's list, or use Grocerysmarts.


With these meal plans, I'm also thinking it would be a fantastic thing paired with Smith's clicklist. Just look at the Six Sisters' menu plans and what you need, then shop online and pick it up from the convenience of your car. Man, could it get any better?!

I am so excited about this! Do you want to join me in this quest to make dinner a cinch? I'm excited to give it a try.

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