Friday Favorites! My ALL TIME Favorite Laundry Drying Rack

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So I got to thinking that it was about time for you all to get to know me and the things I love.  So welcome to the first Friday Favorites!  Friday Favorites will be my personal favorite things, from DIY, cooking, crafting, and even some fun savings ideas!


And my first favorite, is this DIY drying rack!  I literally use this every day.  I do not like tossing my shirts in the dryer.  I find that they wear out faster and some of the materials, although they say can go in the dryer, shrink a ton. This rack has saved me a ton of money on clothes. And guess what, it's made out of an old infant crib!  Yep! you read that right, an infant crib!

Now I'm a very crafty and creative person, I thrive on the DIY and any art project I can get my hands on, but this project required more than I could handle, so I enlisted my dad for help. He's super handy and had all the tools needed to build me this beauty.  I had an old crib laying around from when my daughter was born.  We couldn't use it again because it was a drop-side, but I knew the parts would eventually come in handy, so I had saved what I thought was useful.

I've posted a few pictures so those of you handy enough can build one too. Each crib rail seems to be unique, so the measurements will be based on how your crib railing works. But basically, he framed the outside and then nailed on beadboard to the back.

The rack is held to the back with velcro and some strapping to keep it in place when not in use.

I added some hooks at the bottom for hanging garments and the occasional stray bag that comes through my laundry room. Once completed, it was mounted using a dry wall screws at both the top and bottom.

If we ever move, this rack will be coming with me!  It has made doing laundry so much easier for me and my family doesn't have to see all my clothes scattered through out the house to dry.


If you like this idea but aren't motivated to make one, I did find a good bargain for them at Home Depot. Plus, bonus, through 11/5, their on Special for by for $152.24 and it's double the size of mine!

Here are some other ideas I found for using old crib rails. 

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Have you upcycled an old crib? What did out make?.

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