Completely FREE Air Filter From Filter Easy ($20 Value!)

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Who likes paying for air filters, I mean really. I know I don't, so I recently tried out a freebie deal I saw for Filter Easy home air filters. I like trying these things out, just to see if they are legit, and really free, or if there is a catch. Since my experience has been great, I thought I would pass it on.

The catch is that you do have to provide a card and subscribe to get filters as far out as every 3 months. However, if you don't want to keep the subscriptions, you can call 800-308-1186 and cancel at any time. I don't mind doing these things, because I just call in and cancel. It's worth it to me, especially if I'm going to get a $20 product for free.


Here is how to get your free filter: 

1. Go here to order your air filter from Filter Easy

2. Choose 1 filter for your home, and click “Get Started”


3. Select your delivery frequency (remember, you can cancel at any time.) I chose 3 months to give me plenty of time to cancel.

4. Select “Super Allergen” or any one you want (this is the best value since it's most expensive and is still free)

5. Select your size and hit continue.


6. Put in all your info and hit “Submit.” Your filter will come within a week! And it's totally free!


Mine came within a week, and I am totally satisfied with the quality. This is a great freebie!

Go Here To Get Your Free Air Filter From Filter Easy


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