Color the Temples: An LDS Coloring Book, $9.99

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How fun would this be to give a girl in activity days, or maybe an incoming beehive? These could also be made into pieces of art by being colored, and then framed! I didn’t know these existed and I thought it was so cute!

Color the Temples: An LDS Coloring Book, $9.99

  • From writer/illustrator Natashia McLean comes an exciting, educational new faith-based coloring book: LDS Temples!
  • Contains 30 beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations of LDS Temples around the world, each accompanied by historical facts and trivia.
  • Each illustration is printed on a separate page, designed to be cut out for framing or hanging on the fridge.
  • Perfect for Bible study, personal worship or Family Home Evening.
  • Join millions of people all around the world who are rediscovering the simple relaxation and joy of coloring!


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