Cheryl Lee MD TrueLipids Skincare Up to 45% Off – I LOVE THESE PRODUCTS!

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I had the pleasure of meeting Cheryl Lee at a blogger conference. She is the dermatologist that developed this skin care line after years and years of research and using them on her own patients. I was very impressed by her vision and knowledge. She is so passionate about her products and knows her stuff! She developed the TrueLipids skincare line after she had seen so many with skin conditions, like eczema, that couldn't get relief, even from prescriptions. I have battled eczema and skin rashes all my life and OH. MY. GOODNESS. these are good products. They have no scent, irritants, allergens, or preservatives.

I have tried both the Ultimate Eczema kit and Lip Balm. I love them all. I keep the lip balm in my makeup bag and put it on every morning. I love it! The eczema kit works so well, and each individual product can also be used for different things as well as together. One time my son had a super bad rash on his bum. I couldn't figure out how to get ride of it. I used the relieve and protect ointment and it cleared it up quick. I would have used the boo boo & bum balm if I would have had it, and I have heard that is amazing for diaper rashes.

Look at the amazing results these products had on this cute baby girl. But, even if you don't have a skin condition these products are great to have. I have used them for so many different things. I use the ointment whenever my kids get a scrape and it helps their skin heal really well. Cheryl Lee said one of the worst things you can use is Neosporin on a cut. I guess dermatologists hate Neosporin!

I know some of these products have been sold at Costco in the past (and still may be, I am not sure) but this 25% off sale is SUPER rare and a great savings. These products are more on the expensive side, but they really do work! If you, or someone you know, has a skin condition, let them know about these great products. They are wonderful! You will also get free shipping on any order. Go here to see some pretty crazy before and after pictures! 

What I Love About These Products:

  • Fragrance Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Formaldeyde Free
  • Hypoallergenic

To celebrate the New Year, Cheryl Lee MD has reduced the price of many of their most popular products by as much as 45%! This is the lowest I've ever seen the Eczema Kit. It's a the perfect time to give them a try. No discount code is needed, just add the items to your cart.

There are so many other kits, including ones for Psoriasis, or diabetic skin conditions. Go here to see them all!  

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