Change Your Subscribe & Save Delivery Date? Yes You Can!

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Did you know you can change your Amazon subscribe and save delivery date? This is great news for all of us that want to get our subscribe and save items a little earlier. You can go into “your account” then “your subscribe and save items.” From there, you will see where it says “change delivery date.” Click on that and change it from there. I had no idea you could do this! My date is always the 28th of the month, and I could push my delivery up as soon as the 13th! See below:


One thing I also wanted to tell you guys is that the price reflected in your subscribe and save items page, is not the price you will be paying. For example, see above in the very first image where the Dove Body wash says it’s $6.49? It is not reflecting my $1.00 off coupon I clipped. I will really be paying $5.49. (I just posted that dove deal and it’s a great one by the way!) For some reason it shows the subscribe and save savings, but NOT the coupon savings. To see what price you will be paying, you can go into “your account” and then “your orders” and it will show you EXACTLY how much you will be paying, and the price you saw when you were subscribing!

I was excited to find out I could change my delivery date, so I hope some of you find it helpful too!



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