Can you get the Red Plum in the mail?

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One of the questions I am often asked is:
How do I start getting the Red Plum coupon insert in the mail?

Several months ago, the Red Plum insert was pulled from most Utah papers and automatically began coming in the mail on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. This is happening in cities nationwide as part of an effort to expand readership. It looks just like the coupon inserts found in the Sunday newspaper, and is located in the very middle of all the junk mail that comes. However, in some instances, the Red Plum still isn't arriving in some of your mailboxes- frustrating!

The first step is to go here to see if the Red Plum is offered in your zip code yet. If it is already being delivered in your area, it will take about 2 months after you request it before it will begin arriving in your mailbox. Some of us here in Utah will get this message when you enter in your address:

Unfortunately, the Red Plum Coupon Book is not currently available in your area.

There is hope! This just means there isn't enough interest in your area to receive the Red Plum, so they've opted to not distribute it. What you need to do is send an email around to your neighbors and ask that they request it as well. Once there is enough interest in a certain area, you will all begin receiving the Red Plum in the mail!
In some areas- mostly Utah county- your only option is to receive the coupon insert in the Sunday newspaper. The Daily Herald is currently one of the only papers that still includes the Red Plum insert. If you're interested in receiving the paper for a HOT price, email me at utahdealdiva at gmail dot com!

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