First Meet & Greet Today–Please Read If You Are Coming…

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Guys! The first meet & greet is tomorrow in Bountiful! I am getting so excited, are you? I am looking forward to being able to meet some of you. Although all guaranteed coupon book tickets are sold out, you can still register to come! You will get a coupon book after all those with guaranteed tickets have been given one. I only have about 60 to give away at each event. Come prepared with a pen, and with QUESTIONS! I will be talking for the first little bit, but I want to hear your questions too!

Here is the address to the Bountiful Event: Bountiful Firehouse, 255 South 100 West , Bountiful, UT 84010

Here is the address to the Ogden Event:  Marshall White Center, 222 28th Street, Ogden, UT 84401


Both classes have sold out of the guaranteed coupon book tickets, but everyone is welcome to come! You can register for a “standby” ticket below. You will get a coupon book after all guaranteed coupon book ticket holders have been given one, if some are left! Come and party with us and learn some great money-saving tips for free!

Bountiful class ticket registration: March 22nd, Bountiful Fire Station, main classroom, 6-8 pm 
Ogden class ticket registration: March 23rd, Marshall White Center, gym or stage, 6-8 pm


This is exciting! I really appreciate you guys, and because of that, I have been working hard to score this HUGE freebie. I think this is the best thing I have ever been able to get for you guys! I have about 100 of these Smith’s coupon books that are literally worth $50 each, and so generously donated by Smith’s. Every single thing in the booklet is FREE. NOT buy one get one free—but FREE. As in, you can go in to Smith’s and get a rotisserie chicken, deli meat, fried chicken, + a ton more for ABSOULTELY STINKIN’ FREE. I know, it’s amazing.


The booklet includes:

  • One FREE Kroger Frozen Pizza
  • One FREE Private Selection Salsa
  • One FREE Fresh Foods Market Rotisserie
  • One FREE Kroger Condiment
  • One FREE 8 Piece Fried Chicken
  • One FREE 6 Piece Chicken Tenders
  • One FREE Kroger Granola bars
  • One FREE Kroger Brand Cookies
  • One FREE K Fridge pack, 12-pack soda
  • One FREE Store Brand 1/2 Gallon Orange Juice
  • One FREE Kroger Bagged Snacks
  • One FREE Store Brand Bottled Water 12-35 pack
  • One FREE Store brand bread
  • One FREE Private Selection Deli Meat
  • One FREE Private Selection Bagged Snacks

The catch? These booklets expire on March 30, 2016, so I need to get these out to you fast! AND there is not enough time to mail them out–SO, I’m reaching out to you guys, my awesome readers, to see if any of you have access to a public place where we could have a meet and greet open to 50-100 people. (It would need to be a free facility, and those coming would register through eventbrite  at a later date once we get it set up.) I was thinking we could get together and have some sort of class, or even just a Q&A, where I could talk for a hour about couponing, how to save money in general, how to save money online, etc. Really, whatever you want!

At this meet & greet, I will give everyone in attendance (limited to 1 per household) a coupon book with $50 worth of free groceries! The person that is able to secure a time and place first, will get 5 of these booklets ($250 value!) + a $25 Smith’s giftcard. Email me at if you think you know of a place and would be willing to share it with us all. I want to keep this between the Ogden and Bountiful area if possible, and this place needs to be able to hold 50-100 people. I was thinking we need to have this shindig for sure within the next two weeks, so please get ahold of me ASAP!

Help me, help you! I want to give these out to you guys, my loyal Utah Deal Diva readers. And I would love to meet you all. I will get back with all of you once this meet & greet is set up!

NOTE: I would like to avoid holding this at a church.








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23 thoughts on “First Meet & Greet Today–Please Read If You Are Coming…

    • Janica says:

      Hi Alison,

      I just posted this literally 5 minutes ago, so not yet. 😉 I will keep everyone posted on a venue, and will keep this post “pinned” to the top. Thanks for your interest, It’d be fun to meet you! And I’m telling you, these coupon books are AH-mazing!

  1. Jody Reilly says:

    The Whitmore library says they have a large room that can be booked and used for free. Also, would it be possible to get this by sending a self addressed stamped envelope to yo?

    Tks, jR

  2. Melinda Gregerson says:

    Janica – Thank you for an informative class!! I appreciate your efforts and learned some new things that I look forward to trying out. Keep up the great blog (UDD).

  3. Autumn Christiansen says:

    Wanted to thank you for last night. You put a lot of effort into what you do and it shows. Thank you so much for the coupons and for everything you do on this site!

    • Janica says:

      Oh you are so nice, and very welcome! That really means a lot. Thanks for coming, it was fun to meet everyone. Enjoy those coupons! 🙂

  4. Christena Law says:

    Janica! Thank you for your class in ogden! I already have purchased most things in the coupon book and it was fantastic walking out of the store with all of that, no money spent!!!!! I am so thankful for your blog! I love it!

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