Busy Kids Learning Packets ~ For Off-Track, Year-Round School + My Favorite Printable Worksheets for Kids!

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Printable Worksheets for Kids, Utah Deal Diva

Our local elementary school switched over the year round school beginning this year. For those not accustomed to year round school, instead of one long summer break, we have four 3-weeks breaks throughout the year. While many moms weren't very happy with this change, I, on the other hand, was pretty excited. I looked forward to not having the 3-month long summer where I was constantly figuring out how to keep my kids engaged and learning {and not driving me crazy!} I was also excited about visiting different activity and entertainment venues around here when most of the kids were in school. {Short lines, minimal crowds and pleasant weather} Having the kids home for just 3 weeks at a time sounded so simple!

Well. We are officially on the last week of our first time being off-track and I can say without a doubt that this was nothing like I thought it'd be. Since it's only a 3-week break, I haven't really attempted to implement a new schedule. We've been treating this like a really long weekend and let me tell you- it's not working. Maybe it's because they're swimming in Halloween candy and ask me 56 times a day if it's time to put their costumes on? Probably. At any rate, something has got to change before I drive these kids up to school and beg unsuspecting teachers to take them back!

My idea is simple: Participate in 2 activities each week and incorporate a workbook of fun assignments for them to complete each day.

I want them to have fun and I want to enjoy this time off with them. However, I also want to keep their minds active and continue learning and practicing skills they've been taught in school. I've got the activities covered- we'll be having fun at the Hogle Zoo and then Trick-or-Treating around the neighborhood on Halloween. Yep, I'm counting that as an activity.

I thought I'd share the items I've come up with for the Learning Packets. I'm hoping to arrange these in a more organized manner over time, but this is a start. One reason I'm posting this is because I would LOVE to hear about websites or blog posts with printable worksheets that you've found and enjoyed. I'll add them to the list! The kids I'm preparing these for range in age, so obviously the content will differ somewhat. I'm also varying the content for my kids, catering to their likes and areas they need to improve.

Printing Tips: The sites I've labeled as PDF's print the easiest! Always print one page first to see if it works. {See more Printing help for my favorite site, TLSbooks.com down below!}





Just for Fun:

Printable Worksheets, Utah Deal Diva
One of my favorite new sites for printable worksheets is TLSBooks.com. Wow! I love their giant selection of creative and engaging printables. They have the worksheets organized by grade level {Pre-K to 6th grade} as well as by subject. Here are a few tips for effectively using their website:
**Refer to the image above for number references- click to enlarge
  1. There are several print places on this site, but I found this small one to the top, left of the worksheet was the best place to print. Select the pages from the box that opens up, then click print on the next box. Done! It prints a full page 8.5×11. 
  2. Most of the worksheets are more than one page- however this is because it contains an answer key. I didn't print this. So when the first box opens up, select “Current Page.” Just be careful- some worksheets are more than 1 page without the answer key, so preview them to make sure you print what you want! 
  3. To the right of each worksheet is a “You might also like” section. I loved this! It's great to be able to preview several, in essence, all at once! 
Halloween Printable Worksheets, Utah Deal Diva
I know Halloween is tomorrow, but TLSBooks.com also has a great selection of fun, Halloween Printable Worksheets for kids! Nothing like a little learning to go with all that candy! 
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