Betty Crocker Best of Spring 2012 Recipes

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Browse through the new Betty Crocker Best of Spring 2012 recipe collection here.  I love looking at these online mini cookbooks. The Asparagus Ham & Egg Bake, Salted Caramel Turtle Triangles, and Strawberries & Creme Dessert Squares look delicious.

What do you think of the whole adding-bacon-to-desserts trend happening right now? I tasted a bacon-chocolate truffle when I was at the City Creek Center grand opening. It was… weird. Maybe I just don't have a very adventurous palette?

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One thought on “Betty Crocker Best of Spring 2012 Recipes

  1. Anonymous says:

    Salt and chocolate are simply amazing together, and frankly everything's better when it's wrapped in bacon! One of the single most savory-delicious things I have ever tasted in my whole life, bar none, was an appetizer of dates stuffed with gorgonzola cheese and wrapped in bacon. "Cancel my dinner order -I'll just be having two more plates of these, please." Fruit wrapped in greasy meat with a stinky filling…who knew.

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