Backyard Fun on a Budget

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We still have several more HOT days left of summer so I wanted to share a couple of our favorite ways to stay cool and have fun.

All you need is a kiddie pool {or in our case, a sand & water table} and some ice cubes!
An ice maker is helpful.
Be sure it's clean because yes, they inevitably get eaten.
That's my little cutie with her mouth full of ice cubes.

After those cubes melt, paint brushes create even more fun!
I wish all painting could be this clean!

What are some of your suggestions for creative backyard fun?

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One thought on “Backyard Fun on a Budget

  1. Stephers says:

    We have a really inexpensive slip and slide and it has made for a really fun summer. We also have a little pool like yours and have turned it upside down and used it as a race car track for Drew's little cars. Love the paint brush idea, I will have to try that this week!

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