All You Magazine for $1.25/ issue!

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Print Friendly, PDF & Email has lowered the price for a year's subscription to All You magazine! You can now get a subscription for only $14.95. I've gotten this magazine for years and I love it! Not only do I actually enjoy reading the helpful articles and tips, but each issue comes with tons of coupons! I regularly use at least $2-$3 of coupons from each issue…which more than pays for the magazine. Several times a year the magazine actually has coupons for entirely free products! In the past we've gotten free beef jerky, mascara and tuna. Check it out here.

This deal is for automatic renewal, but once your order goes through, you can login to your Amazon account and change that. Once you access your account, select the “Manage Magazine subscriptions” under the Your Order summary.

Thanks Hip2save!

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All You Magazine for $1.25/ issue

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

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I haven't mentioned All You magazine in a while, so I thought I'd blog about it again for any of you new to my site. Usually on a monthly basis, I'll post some Walmart or Target matchups that include reference to All You magazine.  Sold only in Walmart stores, All You is not only a fun, family-centered magazine that I enjoy reading, but it's also packed with coupons! This month's issue contains over $77 worth of coupons. Many issues even contain a coupon for a completely free item. This month, as seen by the post below, it was for a free pack of Rianxeira Tuna Snacks, sold at Walmart for $1.88. The magazine is sold for $1.97 in store, however, you can get a subscription from Amazon here for only $1.25/ issue.

I normally use anywhere from $5-$20 worth of coupons from each issue, so not only does it cover the cost of a subscription, it really does help to save my family money each month! I highly recommend it!

UPDATE: In the comments section, some have inquired about subscriber coupons in All You mag being different from news stand edition coupons. I just looked into this and it turns out the coupons in the magazine actually vary by location. So depending on where you live and what Walmart you shop at, you might see some differences in the types of coupons offered in both editions of the magazine. Makes sense!

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9 thoughts on “All You Magazine for $1.25/ issue

  1. lottiedottie says:

    One of the reviewers from says that there are more coupons within the store-bought version than the subscribed version. Have you found this true?

  2. Utah Deal Diva says:

    Lottie- that USED to be the case! Last year, the newsstand edition came out with a coupon booklet that the subscribers didn't get. Subscribers obviously got REALLY upset and flooded them with letters. Now, supposedly, the issues are the same.

    Also, most of the magazines come with coupons for .50 off another All You mag. So if you really liked that issues coupons and wanted to buy another copy, at least you'd get a discount!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes, lottiedottie, it's true. I am an AllYou subscriber and often do not get the coupons referenced by coupon matches. I got a great deal on the magazine but now don't get most of the good coupons.

  4. lottiedottie says:

    Thanks for the responses – weighing $1.25 vs. $1.97 w/possible -$.50 coupon ($1.47) and getting possibly more/better coupons, I might just try picking up a copy!

  5. Utah Deal Diva says:

    INTERESTING: I just got off the phone with a representative from All You and she said the coupons in the magazines actually vary by LOCATION. So depending on where you live, vs. what Walmart you're shopping at, the coupons might be exactly the same…or different! That is most likely why my newsstand editions are identical to my subscriber copy, yet others are seeing differences in theirs! Good to know!

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