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Hi, I'm Chelsi!

I'm a military wife born and raised in Utah. I have an amazing and supportive husband I'm very proud of who is currently serving our country. We have two beautiful children a daughter age 9 and a son age 1. They are the light of my life and keep me on my toes. I'm also currently a Younique presenter as well and on the board of my daughter's school PTA.

I love the military lifestyle. We have lived all over the country, from coast to coast, and also spent a dreamy 3 years overseas in Europe. Military life can be rough at times, but it's always full of adventure and you learn very quickly to be spontaneous because you never know what they are going to throw at you next.

Being a military family, moving all over the place, has taught us to be very creative with our budget. We’ve had to learn to be thrifty with our money and for a long time that meant living with hand me down furniture in less than desirable apartments and clipping every coupon I could get my hands on. Finding deals became important because our dream was to own a home. While all our friends were out traveling Europe, seeing wonderful places, making me green with envy, we were saving every penny we could to get out of debt and buy our first house when we returned back to the states. All that hard work paid off and we were able to buy our first home. I've been blessed to make some amazing friends along the way and love that I can say that I have friends pretty much all over the country.

The roughest part of being a military wife…deployments. We have been fortunate that my husband has only been called on one deployment, to Afghanistan, a few years ago. It was a very long and stressful year. Our daughter wasn't even 2 yet and here is my husband and father of my baby going off to “the sandbox” and I had no idea if he would come home. But it brought us all closer together and made us really appreciate what it means to be “home”.

When I'm not chasing my son all over the house or playing chauffeur to my daughter for her extracurricular activities, I'm usually working on my next DIY project, craft or venture that has peeked my curiosity. I love being creative. From cooking, crafts, DIY, to clever ways to save money, it all feeds my urge to do something creative. I’m so excited to share my money saving tips with you on this new journey on Utah Deal Diva.

Janica has set the bar high for me and I intend to do my best to keep this blog on it's money saving path. I have been a follower of the website every step of the way, beginning with it's original founder, Jessica 8 years ago, then Alison and Janica. It has been an amazing help for me over the years. I'm so excited to be a part of it in this new way and hope you will come along.


Hi, I'm Jenni!

I am the wife of a wonderful husband and a mother to four fabulous, busy children. Our two boys (ages 13 and 11) are avid football players and they play on our city’s youth league. One plays the trombone as well and the other likes the drums. Our two little girls (ages 6 and 4) are both extremely involved in tumbling and it’s fun to watch them progress and do all kinds of things that I only dream of doing! The kids are all so much fun and we are busy!

My husband and I both grew up in Utah and have lived here our entire lives. Our idea of a “big move” was buying a home just a mile away from our previous home. That being said, our family loves to travel. Whether we’re touring our nation’s historical sites in Washington, D.C., heading to Park City for a relaxing weekend, or sipping lemonade by the pool on a cruise ship to some far off land, we are happy to see the amazing beauty of the world and take many opportunities to do so!

I am an avid blogger and find it time saving and efficient to journal AND scrapbook all in one through a family blog, which I update weekly with pictures, family happenings and heartfelt stories of tender moments. I also love to be out and about, and I thrive on finding a good deal! It doesn’t matter how much money you have, in my opinion, when trying to get the best price for what you are doing. I think it’s just plain SMART! Plus, it gives me the funds I need to pay for broken bones (football), paying ridiculous fees for costumes we will wear twice for performances and then outgrow (gymnastics), and all the gas it takes to chauffer everyone to where they need to be!

When the opportunity came to be a part of Utah Deal Diva, I jumped right onboard! I am so excited to team up with Chelsi and journey with you all as we find the best deals for all of life’s fun adventures. See you on the site!!!

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  1. Janica says:

    So, I actually had someone contact me yesterday from Zion’s Bank about this exact thing! I love Dave Ramsey’s principles of money management, and I think this will be fun to do. Thanks!

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