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Hi, I’m Janica!

Welcome to Utah Deal Diva!

My goal is to make it easy for moms (or anyone) to save money on groceries and everyday purchases. I have loved making my money stretch from the time I was a young girl, but my love for saving grew stronger (out of necessity) with the birth of my first son. I couldn’t believe how much diapers cost! It wasn’t until I learned how to {really} use coupons that I started to see the savings add up. Using coupons and building a stock-pile has allowed my family of five to live off of one income. Me being able to stay home with our sons, has been the biggest blessing in our lives!
I live in beautiful, northern Utah, and love the country air up here! I have a wonderful and supportive husband, that puts up with all my coupons and I am a mommy to three adorable little boys ages 7, 4, and 1. When I’m not chasing them, I am chasing the next BEST deal and posting it here on this site! I also teach coupon classes along the Wasatch Front. I love spending time outdoors with my family and also doing frugal DIY projects! My very favorite store of all time is IKEA, but my next three are Target, Smith’s, and Amazon.

Come join me on this site if you want to learn how to save big bucks on what you’re already buying.I feel that living frugally does not have to look frugal. You can live well, and spend less! There is always something you can save on, no matter your taste or diet! Follow my deals, and in no time, you too, will be a DEAL DIVA!

P.S. I don’t just post Utah deals, so come along even if you’re not a Utahn!

Happy Couponing!





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8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Skip Huntress says:

    Hi Janica,
    I used to be neighbors with Jessica Williams and an offer came to me that you may be interested in. Dave Ramsey’s class called Financial Peace University is amazing and has been a benefit to thousands of Utah families. I teach one of the classes in Bountiful. Anyway, Zions bank is looking for a blogger to take the class for free and blog about it. If you or any of your blogger friends would like to take advantage of this, feel free to contact me and I’ll get you the number at Zions.
    Thank you,

    • Janica says:

      So, I actually had someone contact me yesterday from Zion’s Bank about this exact thing! I love Dave Ramsey’s principles of money management, and I think this will be fun to do. Thanks!

  2. Nancy Harlow says:

    Is the Pear Guy’s last name McCormick……I think he is a relative and I’d like to keep communication open….missed him when he was last in NV area delivering pears? Any help appreciated….thx

  3. Rachel Porter says:

    I love your site and use it multiple times a week. I like the Amazon subscribe and save and all the Smith’s deals.
    I try to use coupons on most things I purchase.
    I was wondering if you knew of any deals for the Polar Express, Heber train ride. Thanks!

  4. Kristen Sweaza says:

    I am so sorry for your loss, from one LEO wife to another. If it helps, I will do all my shopping through your site and spread the word. Peace and love be with you and your boys.

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