8 Ways to make Easter Magical for Kids

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Easter is the one holiday that I struggle with as a parent.  I want to make it fun and magical for the kids, but I also don't want to commercialize it and lose the true meaning of Easter.  Easter, to me, is the time to reflect on Jesus, our Savior, and all that he has done for us.  It's about his atoning sacrifice, his death and his resurrection.  It's about knowing that we too, can be resurrected and be perfect again some day.  I'm not trying to push my religion on anyone, but I know that I'm not alone in this Easter struggle.  How do we keep it magical for the kids, but also instill in them the true meaning?

 Below are some great ideas on both.  The traditional: The Easter Bunny, candy and egg hunts.  The spiritual: learning about Jesus and His resurrection.

I hope you can find some great ideas to incorporate with your family this week and throughout the Easter weekend.  Please share any of your Easter traditions in the comments.  Traditions are remembered more than the gifts!

1.  Leave evidence of the Easter Bunny.

  • Throw some jellybeans in the toilet!  You know, the Easter Bunny poops jellybeans!
  • Use flour or powder sugar to make Easter Bunny footprints on your carpet or grass
  • Sprinkle cotton balls and loose candy near your door where the Easter Bunny left some behind
  • Capture The Magic – Download personal photos of the Easter Bunny getting ‘caught' in the act in your own home.  This is very similar to the Santa photos, but only with the Easter Bunny.  For $9.95 you can download 3 photos with the Easter Bunny inserted into your photos.  Upload a picture of a room in your home,  choose your Easter Bunny (hundreds to choose from), then merge and download your photos.  Them show them to the kids to prove that he really does exist!
Leave Bunny tracks!

2. Dyeing Easter Eggs – this is always a must at our house and now with the wonderful world of Pinterest you can find lots of great ideas!  We like to use Kool-Aid to dye our eggs!

3. Lollipop Garden – this is so fun for the kids. Let them “plant” jellybeans the night before and magically overnight they grow into Lollipops! Works great in a planter, in your garden or even on the grass.

Jellybeans grow into lollipops!

4. Non-Traditional Easter Egg hunts – while traditional Easter Egg hunts are fun (you can find all the Free ones going in UT this weekend over here), it's also fun to mix things up a little bit too!

  • Glow in the dark Easter Egg Hunt – Have an Easter Egg hunt at night!  Stick a bracelet glo-stick in a large plastic eggs to hide in your yard.  
  • Don't have glo-sticks use flashlights.
  • Instead of candy, fill the eggs with other small prizes like money, bubbles, toys, or puzzle pieces to a new puzzle you can put together as a family.
  • Make up clues to put in your Easter Eggs and send the kids on a scavenger hunt.  Need some ideas to get your brain rolling?  Check out this post by Nurture Store, lots of great clues in the comments too!

Glow in the dark Easter Eggs made with Glo-Sticks

5. Egg Smash Tournament – This is such a great idea for the older kids and adults alike.  I got it from a friend who does this every year with her family.  Each family member decorates their very own “special” hard boiled egg.  They set up a bracket where everyone goes on-one-on with each other in competition.  They take turns rolling, or smashing, their eggs together.  When you smash 2 eggs together, only 1 will crack.  The winner is sent up the bracket and the loser is out.  The winners keep advancing until their is only 1 special egg remaining.  The winner gets bragging rights and gets to take home the trophy for safe keeping until next year!

6. Resurrection Eggs – This Egg Hunt is both traditional and spiritual and it's one that I've done several times over the past years, both with my kids and with the young kids from church.  In 12 plastic eggs you put an object that is symbolic to certain aspects of the resurrection.  The eggs are numbered and opened up in order.  Along with each egg and symbol is a scripture.  The last egg is left empty to symbolize the empty tomb when Jesus was resurrected. You can find a list of the symbols and scriptures over here on PreparedNotScared.

7. Easter Book or Movie Count Down – We started a tradition at Christmas time where we would read a Christmas book each night leading up to Christmas Eve.  I would wrap the books and place them under the tree and the kids would take turns each night picking a book.  I'm starting a collection of Easter Books for the same tradition at this time of year.  You can use both fun and spiritual theme books for variety.  Along this same lines is watching videos with the family.  There are fun ones like Hop, and Veggietales: A very Veggie Easter and you can also find several Easter Videos from the Mormon Channel to watch with your family.

8. Random Acts of Kindness – Easter is a message of LOVE.  And the best way to show that is to serve others.

  • Deliver flowers to someone who might need a little cheering up.
  • Egg someone's home, not with real ones, but with plastic ones filled with candy and cheesy messages like “We are Egg-stremely lucky to know you!”  
  • Make an Easter basket to donate to a shelter or the NICU at your local hospital
  • Leave Easter Eggs around your community; at the park, on parking meters, in public bathrooms, near the cross-walk, etc.  They might brighten a strangers day!

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