7 Tips for the Beginning Couponer

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I had the privilege of writing an article for a very well known deals site called DealsPlus. I thought I would share with you all! It is tips for the beginning couponer. Take a look! 



Seven years ago, our first son was born. We were ready to take on the new challenge of being parents (kind of), but we weren't ready for the expenses of a baby. Both my husband and I were in college and money was very tight. I had seen other moms using coupons and raving about it, but I simply didn't get it. How could I possibly save any money by just clipping a measly $0.50 coupon ($1.00 or $2.00 if I'm lucky) once in a while? I gave up on saving money at the grocery store. It seemed too time consuming, frustrating, and pointless. I literally felt like I had been robbed every time I left the checkout.

A couple years later, we moved to a remote, tiny town. There wasn't much to do for a young mom and baby, so I watched a lot of TV.  I stumbled upon “Extreme Couponing” where women were getting hoards of things, and getting paid to shop. I just couldn't believe people could save that much at the store! It sparked my interest in couponing once again, and I started doing some research. It changed my grocery shopping life!

Today, I can't imagine shopping like I used to. There are coupons for things you buy, you just have to know where to look, and you have to know when and how to use coupons. These are the most important things I have learned about coupons…

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