4 Emergency Prepardness Tips for Winter

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The Northeast is just digging out of the after effects of brutal winter storm Jonas. More than 80 million Americans were affected and eleven states declared a state of emergency. This powerful storm brought down power lines, caused extreme flooding and even took lives.

In Utah, we’re not strangers to big snowstorms. Home to “The Greatest Snow on Earth”, we like to think we’re prepared for when the fluffy white stuff starts to fall. But are you really? Here are some things you need to be really ready for the next big snowstorm.

Car safety

When a big storm hits, you’ll want to stay warm and safe at home. However, make sure you have a car emergency kit in case a storm catches you by surprise or you can’t get back from your trip to the mountains. This kit from Wise Company contains emergency food and water supplies, jumper cables, a towrope and more, all for 22% off.

Stay warm

Like winter storm Jonas, many winter storms bring down power lines and with them, heat. Not only could this be uncomfortable and possibly dangerous to you and your family, it could also freeze pipes and cause damage to your home. Make sure each member of your family has warm coats, gloves, mittens, hats, boots and extra blankets. Allow a slow drip from kitchen and bathroom faucets to keep them thawed. This kit from Valley Food Storage contains 30 servings of delicious meals as well as emergency blankets, fire starters and more to keep you warm, fed and safe.

Stock up on food now

If you’ve ever been to a grocery store just before a big storm, you know that is the worst time to try and find a loaf of bread or some canned soup. The best time to stock up is now when supplies are plentiful. All emergency food supplies should be canned and preferable require very little preparation. This deal from Deseret Food Storage offers you one month of delicious meals with a 25-year shelf life.

Don’t forget water

If you’re stuck in a winter storm, luckily water is all around. All you need is the proper way to melt it and ensure that it’s safe. Boiling water thoroughly for one minute will kill most germs but won’t get rid of chemicals. The first and best resort, however, is to have your own clean supply ready. Stock up on bottles of water as well as supplies to purify water sources like snow. This deal from 2 Go Water allows you to fill up 50 gallons of purified water for use now or for water storage for 38 percent off.

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