30 Days to a Stronger Child e-book, only $0.99 today–Read About Why I Love This Book!

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For the past couple weeks, I have been reading 30 Days to a Stronger Child and sharing it with my children. This book has blessed my life (and my family’s lives), so I thought I would share. This book is aimed at helping empowering kids to withstand hard times, and happy times too. It is split into 5 main sections (or qualities): Social, Intellectual, Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical. It is an easy read, and very concise. Each main section is split up into different qualities, such as body image (physical), or respect (social.)

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I have loved this book because it gives me ideas of conversations to have with my kids. Even though my kids are small (my oldest is 7), it has still been very applicable to my family and has helped me know what to say. It has given me some interesting insight on what my kids are thinking, and has helped me grow closer to them.

One chapter that really resonated with me, was the chapter on Gratitude. That is one area we have really been trying to work on with our children. But to be honest, I probably complain more than I should. And I definitely think that is reflected in my kids behavior. So not only has this book been a tool for me to teach my children, but it has also helped me to realize some of the areas I need to work on as well. I love how it talks about how you can empower yourself, and gives you ways to work on each quality!


Each quality, such as gratitude, has 4 sub-sections: Educate, Communicate, Nurture, and Empower. I am totally impressed by this method of teaching kids. My children have really taken well to these small lessons (there are 30 in all.) At the end of each lesson, I love the empower section. It can be as simple as telling your kids an example, with true-to-life scenarios, or even doing a small activity, such as writing a thank you note (in gratitude.)

Here are just some of the 30 qualities it talks about in this book: accountability, friendship, respect, boundaries, creativity, initiative, growth, curiosity, belief, community, gratitude, love, self-confidence, optimism, sense of humor, honesty, body image, play, healthy eating, exercise, and addiction.

The paperback version of this book is $17.99, and today and through the end of the week, the kindle version is on sale for $0.99!


Go here to read more and get your copy


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2 thoughts on “30 Days to a Stronger Child e-book, only $0.99 today–Read About Why I Love This Book!

  1. Janet says:

    I love that they are small lessons and easy to implement! I get overwhelmed reading and trying to apply principles from parenting books. It’s like you need a workshop to go with it, facilitators, workbooks, etc. This is not overwhelming. None of her books are. They’re perfect for an ADD parent like me. Bite sized.

    Great review, I’m inspired to do this!

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