Commonly Used Couponing Terms

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For all of you that are new to using coupons, sometimes the lingo can be overwhelming! Don’t fret, here is a list of commonly used “couponing” terms! I use a lot of these terms in my Smith’s list I write every week, as well as for other deals I share from other retailers.

Common Couponing Terms: 


SS: short for the SmartSource coupon insert that comes in the Sunday Newspaper

RP: short for the RedPlum coupon insert that comes in the mail on Tuesdays, or in the Sunday Newspaper in some areas.

P&G: short for the Proctor & Gamble coupon insert that comes in the Sunday newspaper at the first of every month. The coupons only last for one month!

GM: short for the General Mills coupon insert that occasionally comes in the Sunday newspaper.

OOP: out of pocket. Usually referred to what you are going to pay out of pocket after coupons.

BOGO: buy one get one. This usually ends in “free” or “1/2 off”

OYNO: on your next order. This usually refers to a catalina where you will get $ off to use on your next order, or transaction. *See Catalina

Catalina: (see picture below) a coupon that prints out at the cash register. Commonly referred to as a dollar off amount coupon you can use OYNO, towards anything in the store. Prints out when you buy a specific amount of product at the store. For example, get a $5 catalina when you buy 3 packs of Huggies Jumbo pack diapers.


WYB: when you buy. This refers to, for example, “Get a $5 catalina or gift card, WYB three huggies jumbo pack diapers.”

Q: coupon

MQ: manufacturer coupon

Manufacturer coupon: a coupon put out by a manufacturer. Most Sunday newspaper coupons are manufacturer coupons. You can only use 1 manufacturer coupon per item.

Store or Vendor coupon: a coupon put out by a specific store. Can only be used at that store and can be used with a manufacturer coupon.

Exp: Expires

Stacking or Stacked: Using a manufacturer and store coupon together on one item.

Peelie: Coupon found on a product that can be peeled off.

Blinkie: a coupon that is by a product at the store and comes out of that machine that blinks. :)

Tearpad: Found in the store and it is a pad of coupons where you can tear one off. Don’t take the whole stack!!

MIR: mail in rebate. Money back you will get in the mail, in the form of a check, when you buy a certain product and send in the mail in rebate.

FAR: free after rebate. When something will be free, but only after you get the rebate back.

YMMV: your mileage may vary. This means that just because at my store the product is on sale for $1.99, doesn’t mean it will necessarily be that price at your store or location.

NLA: No longer available

Printable: printable coupon online.

All You: magazine that has lots of coupons in it.

MM: moneymaker, aka, a couponer’s favorite word! When you will acutally make money back by using your coupon! So, the product is $1, but you have a $2 coupon. That’s a $1 MM!

Overage: the money from a MM deal where there will actually be overage (or leftover money) from your coupon. So, the product is $1, you have a $2 coupon, that means you just got $1 in overage that can be used towards the other stuff you are buying in that transaction! Not all stores allow overage, but most do!

Transaction: where you buy and pay for products. Couponers often split up transactions, to lower the OOP expense and take advantage of Catalina’s or Giftcards from previous transactions! For example, I did two transactions at Target, meaning, I bought and payed for 3 deodorants in one transaction, and got a $5 gift card. I then bought my other items and used the $5 gift card from my previous transaction. I did this because I didn’t have to use as much money to pay for my items. I used the gift card instead!

Rolling: When you use giftcards or catalinas back to back in seperate transactions to lower you OOP expense! For example, I bought 3 deodorants in one transaction at Target, and received a $5 giftcard. I then did another transaction and bought another 3 deodorants, and I received another $5 giftcard. I used the previous $5 gift card to lower my out of pocket expense, and then I got another $5 giftcard!

$1/1: one dollar off one item

$1/2: one dollar off two items. Often you will see coupons referred to as $1/2, this means you have to buy 2 to get a dollar off.

SS 10/23: *This is just and example of a how you will see a date to find a coupon.* It means Smartsource, October 23. This refers to the Smartsource insert that came out on October 23. Sunday newspaper coupons are referred to by the Sunday date they came out.

P&G 10/23: Proctor & Gamble insert that came out on October 23.

RP 10/23: Redplum insert from October 23, do you have it down yet??!!

RR: Register Reward. In store credit given at Walgreens, in the form of a catalina.

+UP: Up Reward. In store credit given at Rite Aid. This prints at the bottom of your receipt, or loads onto your card.



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