See my NEW {old} Kitchen Table!

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AFTER {!!!} 

Long ago, in a land far, far away, my kitchen table was gorgeous. Pristine. Show-worthy.

The picture above was taken a couple weeks after we moved in and set up our brand new table. Pardon the lack of decor, we had just moved in! Apparently my husband and I were incredibly consistent in the type and color of wood we both liked. Yeah, everything’s the exact same color. Doh! We shrugged our shoulders and just went with it, knowing that things would change over time.

Back to the kitchen table! Ok, so “show worthy” might be a bit of a stretch. We bought it for $100 from the scratch and dent section of a local furniture store about 5 years ago. Since then, it’s withstood countless forms of punishment in the form of banging forks, ball point pens, screw drivers, Matchbox cars and yes, even some Super Glue. It’s called having kids, people. It happens!

There was practically no finish left on the surface and each time I wiped off the table during the day I was reminded with how awful this table looked.  I wanted a new table, but all of our hard-earned moola is going to hubby’s grad school, so a new table isn’t’ in the cards. However, I had an idea!

Nine Twenty Nine Design

A friend of mine was constantly re-finishing furniture and had transformed her hobby into a little side business to support their family after a job loss. {Sound familiar?!} Her new business is called 929 Design and she specializes in painting furniture and transforming the look of tables, chairs- you name it! I called her up and she came over to take a look. We discussed what I wanted- a new wood stain, as opposed to painting, like I originally thought. She hadn’t done a lot of staining at this point and was excited to get started!

She took a few pictures and made notes while she was sanding and staining my table. Here’s the nekkid version below:

I originally thought I wanted a more matte look, but after Breanna brought it back and I lived with it for a week or so, I decided nope- I wanted a glossy look! To stay under budget, I called Breanna, grilled her on all things polyurethane, ran to the hardware store and got to work!

Four glossy coats later, this is the end result:

Isn’t she so pretty?! The stain is called “Cinnamon” and I love how the 2-tone is noticeable  but not over powering. It looks so great with my new tile floor, doesn’t it?!

Don’t look too closely, this was my first time working with polyurethane and well, I made some mistakes. Luckily, they’re not too obvious. I’m so happy I used 4 coats too since life is back to normal and the fork-banging has commenced.

Total cost of the project was less than $100- and that includes paying Breanna to do all the sanding and staining! Woot! {She did give me a discount for helping her spread the word by posting this. However full price would have been only $60!}

I’ve coordinated with Breanna to offer everyone here a 10% discount for any custom project you might have! You too can have a NEW [old} kitchen table!! Contact 929 Design here to get quotes. You might also want to follow her page as she posts furniture she’s recently renovated and is trying to sell!

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