Check Out My NEW {old} Bathroom!

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Remember way back in May when I posted this lovely blue picture of my bathroom? I announced I was hereby renovating it and got some great ideas from everyone here! {Thank you!!} Yeah, that was months ago. Sorry! I had every intention of posting this sooner, but you know how life is. I was determined to post it last week, then I decided to break both my freezer and washing machine and light the oven on fire. It was a busy week. {Don’t worry, everything turned out OK. We spent our date night taking apart the washer and my mad trouble shooting skills worked on the freezer. Success!} 
So- back to the bathroom! After I informed my husband when he got home that we were redoing the bathroom,  he shook his head and told me to find another hobby other than adding to the Honey-Do list he was elated to help me! 

So here’s another pic of the bathroom BEFORE. This bathroom is TINY. So tiny it’s hard to get decent pictures. I didn’t even think to take pictures of the other side of the bathroom, as it has a nice window. Really though, the wall was pretty plain- window covered in a white faux-wood blind and a TP holder. That’s it.

Let the WORK begin! I want to preface this by telling you all this was our first DIY project. My hubby is pretty handy- we’ve made shelves, painted rooms, etc, but never before have we done quite the project we embarked on this past summer.

Here’s a list of all we did:

  • Painted room Olympic paint color Blue Willow {Lowe’s}
  • Installed bead board, chair rail and crown moulding. The bead board was by far the most difficult. Don’t look to closely or you’ll see all our mistakes! Next time I’d just opt for the bead board wallpaper- installing the real stuff around all the fixtures in the bathroom was painful! Even so, it looks gorgeous!
  • Took out oval mirror, replaced with a $40 Home Goods mirror I painted chocolate brown
  • New flower pot and candles on cabinet from Home Goods.
  • Re-vamped faux wood blinds using this No Sew Roman Shade tutorial I found on Pinterest. {See the Pin here!} Bought fabric as a remnant for $5! Followed instructions step by step- it was pretty easy!
  • Removed fake Pergo flooring {will NEVER put that stuff in my house again!} and installed porcelain tile floor ~ although I really consider that to be a part of the kitchen floor re-do that followed the bathroom project!
  • Cleaned everything up, slept for 84 hours straight and vowed to move before doing any more projects on this house.  

 Here’s a nice shot of almost the entire bathroom. 

No Sew Roman Shades made out of the blinds we already had! Awesome! 
 Bought the pretty stuff at Home Goods. The mirror used to be white, 
but yeah, that was waaaay too much white. I love the brown accents! 
From the floor up. PRETTY! 
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3 thoughts on “Check Out My NEW {old} Bathroom!

  1. Anonymous says:

    The beadboard wallpaper scratches really easily…leaving giant gouges in the wallpaper, and shows off every imperfection in the wall its going on. Next time, I'm putting in the real stuff.

  2. Utah Deal Diva says:

    Really?! Is it OK to say your comment makes me feel SO much better?!? 😉 Sounds like you heard the hard way though, which is unfortunate!

    I heard there was a vinyl bead board that's great for bathrooms- I couldn't find it, but maybe it's a better {aka easier!} option??

  3. Sarah G says:

    It looks amazing! I love the bead board, and I definitely want to try doing the same with my blinds in my little powder room. This is some great inspiration!

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