Top 5 Pins of the Week: Makeup, Pins Gone Wrong, Healthy Baking Swaps and more!

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Here are a few of my favorite pins that I have Pinned on Pinterest this week.  I have found so many ideas/tricks/recipes on Pinterest that have made my life easier…and so many that I still need to get around to actually implementing-I’ll get there someday, right?!

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10 Best Drugstore Makeup Buys (that are supposedly better than the department store brands!)– I’ve never been one to like to spend a ton of money on makeup, and am excited to try out some of these products to see how they work!

Pinstrosity Ever wondered if all of the ideas/projects/recipes on Pinterest actually turn out?  This blog is devoted to sharing the not-so-good results that sometimes occur when things don’t work out quite so nicely…pretty funny!

Healthy Baking Substitutes– I’ve heard of and tried some of these suggestions, but there are a few that I have not experimented with.  I do love avocados, but am not sure what it would be like to substitute that for the butter in my next batch of cookies?  If I also swapped out black beans for the flour, I wouldn’t feel so bad about eating half a batch of cookie dough!  Not convinced it would taste quite the same though…

Kids Date Night Envelope– What a great idea to leave a special envelope for your kids when you leave them with a babysitter!  This would definitely be helpful for kids that are a little nervous about being left with a new sitter and give them something to look forward to when Mom and Dad go out.

10 iPad Apps for Teaching Kids to Read– I always love finding educational apps that my kids like to play with…they don’t get a ton of time on our phones/iPads, but it’s nice if they are learning something when they do!

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