My Walmart Shopping Trip: Saved 35% just in Coupons!


All four kids took me to Walmart yesterday. We needed some food and they apparently needed a new Lego Star Wars set. See, come the first of the month, allowance is paid out and after that it’s like a mad dash to spend said money as quickly as possible. So we set out for a fun-filled afternoon at our local Walmart.

I did a lot of price matching from the Walmart list here, as well as the Smith’s cereal sale here. I still would like to go do 1 transaction at Smith’s; it annoys me that I can only buy 4 boxes of cereal to get the low price. I’ve never gone to the store for a cereal sale and only come home with 4 boxes! So I price matched 4 at Walmart, bought 2 boxes of Kellogg’s for $1.99 {minus $1 coupon I had from the Kellogg’s boxes} and will go buy another 4 at Smith’s.

My total prior to coupons was $98.54. I used a ton of coupons though- so many in fact, my stack at the checkout line scared at least 2 shoppers into another lane. I kind of laugh when that happens. Watch out, I’m a Couponer! After my whopping $34 in coupons, my total was $64.48, which is a 35% in savings! If you calculate in the price match savings, I’m sure it would be over 50%! 

I used quite a few older printable coupons that are no longer available, so I won’t spend a ton of time going over those deals. The Starkist tuna, Bouillon, Milky Way, Mott’s, Gerber and Beechnut coupons were all either older printables or coupons I got in the mail from various offers. {Which some of you may recognize since I post about the offers on here! Yay for the free Beechnut product coupon!}

Here are a few other deals I got:

  • Price match gallon milk  $2.29  (Harmon’s) — Use .75 off any brand gallon milk coupon here to get milk for $1.54!
  • Price match store brand cheese, 2 lb.  $4.99 (bars or shredded)  (Smith’s) —Use $1 off any 2 lbs cheese coupon here to get 2 lb. cheese for $3.99!
  • Adidas men’s deodorant, $3.47– use $2/1 coupon here to get each for $1.47 {my husband’s fave}
  • Lay’s Kettle Cooked chips, price match $2 to Smith’s, use $1/2 coupon from Moments to Save insert in 7/22 paper.
  • 8th Continent soy milk- $2.93 – $1/1 coupon here = $1.93 each
Say hello to 1.75 of my kids in the background and let me know if you have any questions! 
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3 thoughts on “My Walmart Shopping Trip: Saved 35% just in Coupons!

  1. Ashley says:

    I just saved 48% at Smith's with sales, coupons and the store coupons that they mail periodically. It has been a while since I've seen a number that high! I was so excited.

  2. Christine says:

    Just so you know, I went to Smith's and asked if I could do 3 seperate transactions (12 boxes of cereal), the manager stated I could buy them all at once and the discount would be applied 3 times. It worked, it did not limit me to only 1 transaction!!
    Also, Milk at Winegars is $1.88 Wednesdays.

  3. JenB says:

    Were you able to match the Smiths cereal at Walmart? Mine won't ever do the "buy 4 get $6 off deal" type of deal, only match for exact amounts… I went in last week, but my Smiths was out of the HoneyNut Cheerios, which is what my older boys wanted. I'll have to make another trip in.

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