An Epiphany & Meet Nellie

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I had an epiphany and I want to share it with you all tonight! See those cute little ones in the picture above? Those are my kids and they mean a whole lot to me. A few weeks back I was stressed out. I felt like life was pretty organized and I was doing fairly well with managing my time, but even so, the whole balancing act between family and blogging was getting very difficult to manage. So my epiphany? I just can’t do it all. There, I admit it. I can’t. As a matter of fact, I’m not even going to attempt it anymore!

After some great suggestions from friends and fellow bloggers, I made a quick decision to appeal to you all online. I needed help! In a matter of minutes, I found several amazing, willing and able women who wanted to assist me with Utah Deal Diva. Seriously, I was overwhelmed with the emails I received! One email really stood out to me and after several phone conversations and emails, I’d like you all to meet Nellie!

{Nellie’s the Mama in the pic above!} Here’s a brief hello she wrote:  I have followed Utah Deal Diva since day 1, and am now so excited to be part of
it! I have always loved finding a good deal, but have learned so much more from
following this blog. I have been married for almost 10 years, and am a
stay-at-home Mom to four amazing kids. I love to read, watch movies, cook,
exercise, “pin” lots of things I would love to make/do/implement someday, and
hang out with my family. I am originally from Colorado, but have lived in Utah
for 11 years now. I am constantly trying to find ways to eat healthier, save
more money and find amazing deals and am excited to be able to share everything
I learn with you all!

I’ve actually known Nellie for years, but after our family moved up north when my husband graduated, we haven’t seen a lot of each other. I didn’t know that she was such a faithful UDD reader, but when I saw her email, I knew instantly she’d be a great fit. And guess what? She did the Walmart Top 5 Price Matches list today. Wasn’t that an awesome idea?!

I’m excited to have Nellie on board and can’t wait to show you all the changes we have up our sleeves. We want to show you all how you can save money without being extreme. We’re both busy moms with 4 kids- we don’t have time to run from store to store, or shop at places that require you to stand on your head and simultaneously do jumping jacks to get a great deal! We’re excited for the future and hope you’ll stick with us  here on Utah Deal Diva{s!}

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One thought on “An Epiphany & Meet Nellie

  1. Kristi says:

    I was in a game night group with Nellie a while back. She is an amazing person and I am so excited for her! Thank you both for all the work you put into make UDD so wonderful and helping so many stretch their dollar to the max!

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