My Awesome Pantry…

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…Is currently residing in my living room. Cool, right? Yeah, notsomuch.

No, I’m not trying to start a new trend or anything. Remember when I mentioned that my little downstairs bathroom needed a new look? Well, that teeny, tiny project got bigger. And Bigger. And BIGGER.

We’ve needed to replace our water-damaged kitchen floor for about a year now and we suddenly thought- hey, we’re crazy, let’s do everything all at once!! FUN!

Oooh- an even better idea- in the middle of it all, let’s pack up our family of 6 and take a mini-vacation to California! Seriously?! What were we thinking??

The past couple weeks, I’ve known the floor was going to be redone, so my pantry has taken a beating. I’ve literally stuck items anywhere, knowing I was going to be emptying it out soon. Look at how fast it got completely unorganized. Hot chocolate and baby food on the same shelf. Rice, chocolate chips and graham crackers on the next. I can’t believe I’m posting these! 

So, right now, my pantry is in the living room and my fridge is in the family room along with the kitchen table.

Take out anyone? No, really…

The best part though? It will all be over soon. Look at the pretty tile going in!

I’ll post the “finished” project soon. Hopefully…

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One thought on “My Awesome Pantry…

  1. happy momma says:

    Oh how well I know these things. While I was pregnant with my second we were remodeling the kitchen. I had to survive with no stove and my fridge in the middle of the living room. I used my organ bench as a mini table for food prep and cooked for two weeks in the microwave and BBQ. It was difficult at a time when cooking is the pits anyways because when you are pregnant sometimes nothing tastes good. But we survived and got to enjoy the new kitchen for about a year then we sold the house soooo sad. It is a fond memory now. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane.

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