Update on the Binder Method of Couponing

Since posting about my new coupon binder over a year ago, I’ve gotten numerous questions and requests to post an update. A year later, do I still like the binder method? What aspects of the binder are my favorite? Is there anything I’d change? Instead of writing a long, detailed post, I opted to record a 10-minute long video instead!

An Update on the Coupon Binder &
 My Personal Method of Couponing

If you’ve read my blog for even a couple months, you’ll remember I suggest everyone at least start couponing using the Clipless Method of Couponing. It’s fast and easy and saves at least 50% at the grocery store. However, as you continue on, many express the desire to move on to a more elaborate method of couponing. At this point, I recommend getting a small binder and organizing some coupons by clipping and putting them in categories. I want to emphasize that I do not clip many coupons from the coupon inserts. A vast majority are still filed away in my file box. However, the binder is very helpful for not only the high value coupons I clip, but also the coupons that come in the mail from various online offers.

My Binder Categories: I have 16 different categories as follows: Dairy, Cereal, Crackers/ Dry Goods (granola bars, pasta, bread, etc), Pre-made Foods/ Side Dishes (canned soup, Boxed potatoes, etc), Dessert, Baking Items (spices, boxed muffin mixes, etc), Condiments & Sauces, Meat (refrigerated), Frozen Items (anything that’s frozen except desserts), Beverages, Baby Items, Personal Care (shampoo, razors, etc.), Medicine, Cleaning, Paper Goods, and Misc.

I purchased my baseball card holders and photo inserts both at Walmart. I also purchased my 2″ Heavy Duty binder at Walmart. My binder cover is from Stylin’ Binders– and I love it! It’s very well made and is holding up beautifully!

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6 thoughts on “Update on the Binder Method of Couponing

  1. krw says:

    Thank you so much! I finally switched and this was a way helpful post because I am like you – still use grocerysmarts for alot of stuff but just needed the binder for all the misc coupons I get! Thank you, thank you! You help our family finances out so much!

  2. akeisel2 says:

    I'm tied between clipless method and just filing everything. I find that if I have everything filed, then I can easily find it at the store when I see clearance deals. I have purchased so many free items because I can easily find a coupon for something on clearance. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this.

  3. The Averetts says:

    Thank you for the extra tips about the general mills and PG inserts! That was genuis and I love the binder I will put that on my must have list. By the way do you think you could as about a discount for your readers!

  4. Anonymous says:

    my method is very similar to yours- a combination of clipping/organizing in binder and just having the inserts whole in with my binder in case. i don't get as many inserts as you, but i still felt like i was wasting my time clipping everything. This works best for me now at this point in my couponing experience. I think it is important that everyone figure out what works best for them, because it isn't always the same for each person.

  5. Carrie and Karl says:

    I always thought the binder method meant clipping everything. Thanks for clearing that up. I do something similar to you, but I use an expandable file that is about 3"x6". And I only have 6 categories. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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