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Many of you know I’ve been searching for an inexpensive way to purchase great quality Utah beef. I’ve contemplated buying a half cow, however I don’t really want that much beef. I’d rather purchase just the cuts I really want and not worry about buying the really expensive cuts of beef that our family doesn’t normally eat.

In my search for a solution, I recently found a local company that offers specialty beef at wholesale prices!
Smith’s Meats has been processing meat here in Utah for over 60 years. They pride themselves in offering fresh, high quality, hormone-free beef for low prices. I’ve purchased several cuts of beef from Smith’s Meats and it’s easily the freshest beef I’ve ever eaten! The taste and texture was incredible and my husband has vowed to never let me purchase beef from the grocery store again!
You purchase the cuts in larger packages ranging from 2-5lbs. I took it home, separated it into smaller meal-sized portions, vacuum sealed it and stacked it in my freezer. If you prefer to purchase a whole or half cow, the cut-and-wrapped price at Smith’s Meats is $2.09/lb, which is fantastic!

Beef Prices:

  • **Special Utah Deal Diva offer** Boneless Prime Rib for $4.99/lb {must mention UDD!}
  • Tenderloin {Fillet Mignon} $3.39/lb for 2-3 pound cuts, $5.09/lb for larger cuts
  • Beef chuck, $2.35/lb
  • Ground Beef, 90% lean, frozen & sold in 1-lb packages, $2.39/lb
  • Beef Brisket, $2.09/lb
  • Skirt Steaks, $2.09/lb
  • Flank steak, $2.09/lb
  • Ribeye Steaks, $5.89/lb
You can purchase cuts of beef by stopping by one of the wholesale locations here in Utah. They have a Draper location at 12450 south pony Express Rd, as well as a location in North Salt Lake at 685 N. Main Street. Both locations take cash or check and are open from 9am to 4pm Monday through Friday. The Draper store has all the cuts of beef available right there. The NSL store offers a few, and the rest can be ordered and arrives the following morning.
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5 thoughts on “Smith’s Meats for Wholesale Beef in Utah

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much! I think we called a couple of years back to see if they would do a cow for us and they said they didn't do it anymore. I"ll have to tell my husand it looks like we can buy from them now! Can you tell us what days they are open and times for their different locations?


  2. Anonymous says:

    The Fillet Mignon is an awesome price. My husband wants a large cut and I priced it at Costco last week. It was $9.99 a pound and each cut was about 7 pounds. This is half price. NICE.


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