Ridley’s Family Market- Doubling Coupons!

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If you have a Ridley’s Family Market nearby, you’re in luck! It appears that each week they’re hosting “Double Coupon Tuesdays” where they’ll double a manufacturers coupon with a max discount of $1 total. There isn’t a lot of information out about this right now, but this is what appeared at the bottom of the ad for the two Orem stores:

From the info we’ve received, it seems this is how the coupons would double:

  • .25 coupons double to .50
  • .35 coupons double to .70
  • .50 coupons double to $1.00
  • .75 coupons increase to $1.00

I’ll continue to update you as I learn more! They only have the current ad online and as the new sale starts Tuesday- the same day they double- I’m not able to do a few matchups for you just yet! Also, there are two more Ridley’s stores here in Utah- one in Hyrum, the other in Tremonton. I haven’t confirmed yet if these stores are participating in this as well… more info to come!

Thanks Crave to Save!

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