The CLIPLESS Method of Couponing


You’re new to this whole coupon idea and so far, you’re completely overwhelmed. You get the Sunday  inserts, but staring at all the various coupons, wondering which ones to clip and then attempting to figure out what to do with them makes a triathlon seem easy.

Maybe you just had a baby and can barely read this sentence without dozing off. You have little time to take a shower, much less the two hours it would take to clip your stack of coupon inserts. The cost of diapers and formula are adding up, but you can’t muster the energy to get back into couponing.

Do either of these scenarios sound familiar? I bet many of you are nodding your heads! And if they don’t, just wait, at some point you too, as a result of life circumstances or boredom, will hit a wall with couponing.

For that reason, I’d like to share with you a couponing method that only requires 30-45 minutes a week. Max. It’s simple and easy, yet still results in high savings at the grocery store.

There are three steps to this method:

  1. Each week, date the Sunday inserts and file them away. I used to use a cardboard box, but have since graduated to something similar to this file box. You can date them by specific insert {Smart Source, Proctor & Gamble or Red Plum} but I prefer to file them by date they come in the Sunday’s paper. If you forget to date them, don’t worry, the date is in small print on the spine of the insert!
  2. Access the Grocery Smarts lists to build a shopping list. They cover just about every store in Utah. Each week the lists are updated with the current sales. Stick to the 4 or 5 star deals so you can save the most money! After you’ve selected a store, press the “Start” button in the upper, right hand corner to begin creating your list. Scroll down and click on anything you realistically need or might buy. When you’re done, press “Shrink” then press “Print” to print the page out.
  3. Now grab your coupon box and sit at the kitchen table with your list. The coupon location is on the right hand side of your printed list. You know exactly what coupons you need, so pull the insert out of your files, find the coupon and clip it. I use a plastic page protector to hold my list and coupons. Write additional notes on the side. You’re all set to go grocery shopping! Keep the insert in your files for 5 months, then recycle!
No wondering what coupons to clip, no carrying around a bulky binder, and no dealing with expired coupons. This is a simple, proven method that saves you time and money on your grocery bill!

Don’t live in Utah? Here are additional areas that have access to GrocerySmarts lists:

A special thanks to GrocerySmarts and the coupon experts at PYP for providing Utahans with this incredible, FREE, weekly resource!

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13 thoughts on “The CLIPLESS Method of Couponing

  1. Dannielle says:

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! I personally fit into both scenarios (except I still have 2 weeks left in my pregnancy with my 2nd baby) and I really needed a simple method to couponing. Now, I'm not so overwhelmed and discouraged. Please keep the simple suggestions coming.

  2. Cheryl says:

    don't forget, if you hit the 'start' button then hit the big red star in the first column, it auto-highlights only the 4-5 star deals. many GS veterans don't know this feature!

  3. Jill says:

    This is a great idea, and I really need to do something less time consuming that what I'm doing now, but what happens when you are shopping, see an unadvertised clearance item, but your coupon is at home in a file box?

  4. Staci @ Designing and Motherhood says:

    This is how I do couponing as a busy mom of 3 almost 4. I choose to just file by the Sunday date and I have "brief case" with manila file folders in it. I am mostly cut as I go but I do cut a few I know I'll use. Sometimes I cut in my car before I go into a small store with a small list like Walgreens for example. I am not a clip all the coupons type of person.

  5. LeMira says:

    So, I've been clipping coupons for a year, but I just don't like to clip. I love how organized they are when I clip them, but I shop more like you do. I think it's time to by a plastic file bin.

  6. Anonymous says:

    What would really help me is a menu based on the sale items for a particular store (Smiths, in my case). I seem to spend the most time trying to figure out what to make. I have tried to simplify by have 2 weeks of menus that I rotate, but I often don't take advantage of the deals. Any ideas?

  7. Mormon Surrogate says:

    I'm so excited. I'd heard about this, but didn't know all the details. I just got on the Grocerysmarts site and looked at Smith's ad, and I'm going to combine with the $1 coupon sale and get some great stuff at a great deal.
    Thanks so much!

  8. tina says:

    Im frm Salt Lake city county.
    There is a $2.67 price for the H&S shampoo in the walmart section for stores @ grocerysmarts shopping list i really want to knw which walmart exactly is this sale at so i can go grab some because my walmart has a different price pls.

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