2 Great Places for Discounted Children’s Books: Utah Idaho Supply & Seagull Book

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Utah Idaho Supply- discounted kid's books
I adore getting my kids new books! We love the library, but I'm always worried about damaging the book or not returning it back in time, etc. Each year for Christmas, I get my kids at least 3 new books each. I never pay full price though! Over the years I've found some fantastic stores here in Utah for discounted prices on new children's books. 
Utah Idaho Supply
Utah Idaho Supply/ Map World: This is my most recent discovery! About a year ago I was introduced to Utah Idaho Supply and have since returned many {many!} times. It's primarily a school supply store, however they have a great selection of educational toys and an even better aisle with discounted, brand new children's books. They have a pretty big selection and the prices are generally $1-$3 per book. They're well organized into books by age and category, so it's easy to find what you're looking for. They've got some really cute baby board books too! 
They often have discounts offered on Facebook, so you'll want to like their page to stay in the loop! 
Seagull Book

Seagull Book: Years ago I was browsing Seagull Book and just happen to walk all the way to the back of the store…where I found several tables with discounted kid's books, coloring books and activity books! Score! I've shopped there for books many times and each time I go, I find at least one book I like. They don't have as great as a selection as Utah Idaho Supply, but the prices are lower- generally .49- $2 per book. Also, they are in no order whatsoever, so you just have to browse all the tables. They have more than just kid's books too- I've gotten a few great cookbooks there, as well as novels to feed my reading habit!

Which store should I go to??

If you have older kids? Utah Idaho Supply
If you want coloring/ activity books? Seagull Book
If you want to spend as little money as possible? Seagull Book
If you're willing to pay $1 or $2 more for unique, fun books? Utah Idaho Supply
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2 thoughts on “2 Great Places for Discounted Children’s Books: Utah Idaho Supply & Seagull Book

  1. Michelle says:

    Utah Idaho Supply Map World is my down fall. I live very close to one and can't resist pulling in during the summer when they put all those clearance books out for sidewalk sale!

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