10 Ways to Make Christmas Magical for Kids

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Christmas is my favorite time of the year, but it seems to get a little crazy with all the parties, gifts and scheduled events. The entire holiday season can be such a special time and there are many ways to help kids truly feel the magic of Christmas.  We only have a few short years where kids really believe so I like to do small things that help encourage it.  Chances are, kids won't remember which year they got a Polly Pocket, but they will remember the traditions and  memories they have associated with them.

Here are 10 simple ideas that will help kids feel that sense of wonder and amazement of the holiday season. Even as an adult I enjoy pushing the practical part of my mind aside and taking the chance to feel the magic of Christmas with my kids.

10 Ways to make Christmas Magical for Kids, Utah Deal Diva
1. Free Personalized Letters from Santa: I've printed off these letters in the past and watching the kids open them before Christmas is just so fun. I love that there are 5 different formats and that you can personalize them!

2. Official NORAD Santa Tracker: Starting December 1st, you can visit the site each day to see Santa's progress as he prepares to visit all the children in the world. I love the images this site features and for its official looking nature!

3. Personalized Video message from Santa: Portable North Pole offers FREE video messages from Santa that you can personalize with your children's names! you can also take a look at some behind-the-scenes images that give you a glimpse into a day in the life of Santa.

10 Ways to make Christmas Magical for Kids, Utah Deal Diva

4. Personalized at-home Santa pictures: These are so cool! You can take pictures of different areas of your house and get Santa posed in them. He's eating cookies in your kitchen, leaving presents under your Christmas tree, sitting in his sleigh on your roof- you get the idea!
Capture the Magic: 3 pictures for $10

5. Get a FREE phone call from Santa from Christmas Dialer! These are cute! You can type in what you'd like Santa to say and his voice sounds very authentic.

6. Be a Secret Santa to a Neighborhood Family:  Every year growing up, we always chose a family to do the “12 Days of Christmas” for, and my kids are loving that same tradition now!   We always do it anonymously and “doorbell ditch” the gifts on the doorstep for each of the 12 nights before Christmas.  You can either choose the gifts yourself, or find a list like this one that provides the shopping list and all the printables you need!

7. Watch Christmas Movies together! I especially love movies that really emphasize the spirit of Christmas.  Here are some of my favorite:

The Polar Express

Miracle on 34th Street.

A Very Muppet Christmas

Christmas Magical Movies

Classic Christmas Favorites

Hallmark Holiday Collection

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation


Christmas Story

Disney's a Christmas Carol

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

To expound on this idea, you can make up your own “Polar Express” adventure!  I saw this idea and thought it sounded so fun!  You can print out tickets for “The Minivan Express” and then hide them in your kids' beds one night.  Let them start getting ready for bed while you get popcorn, hot cocoa and Christmas music ready in your car.  Punch their tickets as they enter the vehicle and then go on a little holiday trip!  You can go visit Santa, drive around and look at Christmas lights, go ice skating or choose another favorite holiday activity to do.


10 Ways to make Christmas Magical for Kids, Utah Deal Diva

8. Reindeer Cam: Watch Santa feed his reindeer!  Starting 11/17, Santa will be feeding his reindeer at 11AM, 6PM and 9PM EST.  You can even download the app on your phone so that you don't miss a feeding!

Eric Carle's Dream Snow Pop-Up Advent Calendar
9. Countdown with Christmas books:  I've collected quite a few over the years, so I probably have enough this year to wrap them all and let the kids open one each day in December as a type of advent calendar.  If you don't have many Christmas books, you may be able to check some out at the library.  There are so many great Christmas stories that are both entertaining and meaningful as well and I love spending time reading with my children.  Make up some hot cocoa and sit under the tree each night while reading a Christmas story!  Here a just a few of my family's favorite books:

10 Ways to make Christmas Magical for Kids, Utah Deal Diva

10. Elf on the Shelf: This will be our first year to start this tradition in our home, but I am so excited for the excitement that I know all of my kids will have about the Elf on the Shelf.  Essentially, the idea is that there is an elf that stays at your home in the weeks before Christmas to keep an eye on the kids and then each night he goes back to the North Pole to report to Santa.  He then returns to your home each morning, but never to the same place twice, so your kids will have to find him every day when they wake up!  I have seen so many cute ideas about ways to “arrange” your Elf on the Shelf each day – here are a couple of great sources if you need some help brainstorming:


11. (You get a bonus!) Get a Personalized Package From Santa: Your kids can get a personalized package from the Big Man himself! There are 3 different packages you can purchase so you can find the one that's right for you. They all include a Personalized Letter, Phone Call and Video from Santa. You can ad other features like Certified Nice List Certificate, Autographed Photo of Santa and Rudolph plus much more! Magical!

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  1. Kirstie says:

    Thank you so much for putting this list together, it's incredibly useful! I will be using most, if not all, of these ideas this year. Happy holidays….if a bit early!

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